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Brand Story:  At Lemongrass Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, you can always rely on delicious, complex flavors, an inviting atmosphere, and reasonable prices in the convenience and community of your small town. Lemongrass is located in Kailua Town on Oahu.
In this redesign, I aimed to create a brand that was trendy but still remained authentic, as well as friendly, clever, and fun. Motorbikes are the most popular mode of transportation in Vietnam, with over 45 million registered motorbikes (pop. of Vietnam is 92 million). This is what inspired the bike imagery and roadway motifs; I wanted to bring in unique cultural references while maintaining the fun and unexpected, yet still comfortable, aesthetic. The organic, hand-drawn look reinforces the laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant.

Menu design


Business card

Wall treatment. "Greetings" in Vietnamese, Thai, and Hawaiian.

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