For Art’s Sake
senior design thesis
an interactive workbook which discusses the prevalence of insecurity, imposter syndrome and similar mental health struggles in creatives, and the ways in which these experiences or tendencies can inhibit us and stifle our creativity.

In this redesign, I aimed to create a brand that was trendy but still remained authentic, as well as friendly, clever, and fun.

full branding project for an eclectic, non-dairy ice cream parlor in New York (original concept)

olympic design system proposal displays a fun, cohesive concept including a logo, iconography, and practical applications suited for a global audience.

Type-Based Apparel Design. Asked to design a contemporary, type-focused apparel design, I created my original brand concept "Bad 2 Worse", aiming to convey the sarcastic optimism of today’s youth.

Logo development for a boutique gift shop in Raleigh, NC.

this mocktail concept is aimed for anyone who wants to have fun, sans-alcohol.

As part of my work with the Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative at Portland State University, I designed the cover art for the center’s podcast.